Intelligent #TalentSocial, Contextually

Talent Social

Build Your own Contextual #TalentSocial Ecosystem
Leverage your organization's social ecosystem for sourcing and engaging with relevant talent

Talent Acquisition

Hire The Most Relevant Talent
"Hiring someone is easy. Hiring the right person is difficult." We know exactly why this happens. Our core contextual platform shortlists only the most relevant candidates with Contextual Search & Match which gives unmatched accuracy levels of up to 80-95%, and in-depth skills analytics.

Talent Deployment

#TalentDeployment with Real-time Analytics
Save 75% of #talentdeployment time with real-time analytics. Get 3% increase in employee utilization and 1% increase in potential revenue impact on top-line.

Talent Development

Real-Time Capability Planning and Transformation
Strategic talent capability planning and transformation to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Talent Plan, Monitor & Control

Transform Talent with Intelligent #TalentPlanning using Contextual Science
With contextual talent science, organizations get the ability to incorporate intelligence in their existing HR systems for talent planning, monitoring and controlling.

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  Incorporate contextual intelligence in your existing HR Technology
  9X Operational efficiency
  Cloud-hosted agile technology
  Decision support analytics

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  Talent Social
  Talent Acquisition
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