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Hire The Most Relevant Talent

"Hiring someone is easy. Hiring the right person is difficult." We know exactly why this happens. Our core contextual platform shortlists only the most relevant candidates with Contextual Search & Match which gives unmatched accuracy levels of up to 80-95%, and in-depth skills analytics.

Contextual Selection using Algorithms

Get the world' best recruiters in your organization! Spire's contextual algorithms train your hiring system to perform exactly the way your expert human recruiters do. Select only the relevant candidates in the shortest possible time. Reduce time, operational effort and costs; increase efficiency; and eliminate bias and human fatigue from the talent acquisition process.

73% Interview-to-Select Conversion Ratio

Companies typically interview a number of candidates who are perceived to be right, but don't turn out to be so. Spire's Richness Index selects candidates based on the ‘relevance’ and ‘context’ of their skills and work experience. Increase interview-to-select ratio to 73%, the prevailing ratio is 30%.

50% Reduction in Recruiter Effort

Not finding the right candidates is a major qualm that recruiters have, who also spend a lot of time and effort screening resumes. Spire's platform simultaneously processes any volume of resumes from any source and of any format; and ranks candidates on the basis of their merit with a range of insightful analytics.

100% Auditable Trail

It is every company's dream to get the right candidates for the right job at the right time. Spire's contextual technology delivers this with 95% accuracy, purely on the basis of the richness of skills and capabilities. Each such trail of talent selection and analytics is 100% auditable even for later scrutiny.

100% Unbiased Selection

Blind hiring is in and all the more important since diversity and inclusion have become imperative for companies. Spire's Contextual Search and Match works purely on the basis of the richness of skills and capabilities of candidates, eliminating all possible bias in the selection process.

1% increase in Top-line Revenue

For the top management, it is critical to ensure that their organization is moving in the right direction with respect to talent performance and business goals. It is necessary to employ rightly qualified talent to stay competent. By hiring right with contextual technology, companies can earn more revenue.

40% Reduction in Time-to-hire

Make ‘speed and efficient recruiting’ a regular process. The average time-to-hire is between 1 to 3 months and often gets extended. Spire's Contextual platform complements any ATS, increasing its power. Hire faster and get only relevant candidates.

Easy Integration with any ERP, HRMS or ATS

Spire's contextual platform can be used either standalone or in complement with any existing automation system. Transform your existing ATS, ERP or HRMS into an agile, intelligent and a powerful talent acquisition tool with two unique capabilities - unstructured data comprehension and contextual data analysis.

Bi-directional Mapping

Spire recognizes a key fact. Data should be able to converse in both directions since the contextual meaning of skills to their relationships is discerned by a human mind in both the ways i.e., resumes to job descriptions and vice versa. Contextual Search and Match works bi-directionally with unmatched accuracy of 80% to select the most relevant candidates.

Qualified Talent Bank

The Spire social platform enables conversations between prospective job seekers, employees and all other recruiting stakeholders. Foster trust, knowledge sharing and credibility in favor of the organization.

Agile Search Capabilities

What if a job requirement has more than 20 necessary skills? Spire's contextual platform can search even up to 1300 parameters at one go, giving in-depth comprehensive skills analytics which could be used in multiple ways by organizations. 7 types of language processing algorithms give analytics with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Qualifying resumes and job descriptions

Spire’s contextual technology gives an upper hand to recruiters by contextually quantifying unstructured HR data (resumes, job descriptions) and analyzing the same giving measured evidences of the entire bandwidth of skills and capabilities. These insights empower decisions related to recruitment, engagement, leadership development, employee assessment/retention and even strategies.

Recruiter-free Selection

Skills and their correlations are mostly mutually related. Candidate work experience also has to be relevant for particular jobs. ATS systems do not comprehend any of these. Even human recruiters do not have the time to discern resumes perfectly especially when screening huge volumes of resumes. Contextual technology makes a recruiter's life easy with automated screening and intelligent selection of candidates.

Intangible benefits

Meet fewer but relevant candidates

Increase skills utilization of new employees

Eliminate recruiter headaches

Simultaneously process talent data from any source and of any format

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Only Spire TalentSHIP® #TalentAcquisition Works Because

Unstructured Data Comprehension

Contextual Data Analysis

Intelligent #TalentAcquisition

95% Accurate in Contextual Search

80% Accurate in Demand Supply Mapping

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