Intelligent #TalentDeployment, Contextually

#TalentDeployment with Real-time Analytics

Save 75% of #talentdeployment time with real-time analytics. Get 3% increase in employee utilization and 1% increase in potential revenue impact on top-line.

Increase Revenue/Employee and Retain Talent

Spire’s contextual #TalentDeployment platform gives an organization a bird’s eye view of its entire talent capital portfolio - skills, gaps, performance and future planning scenarios - in comparison with costs involved. It helps deploy and utilize talent in various dynamic circumstances such as job rotations, relocations, restructuring and downsizing. The powerful ‘skills factorial’ analytics give multiple insights to cut costs, compare skill gaps, engage employees, identify the right training needs and forge mentor-mentee relationships.

75% Reduction in #TalentDeployment Time

Companies can deploy and utilize talent in dynamic circumstances such as job rotations, relocations, restructuring and downsizing that companies undergo from time-to-time using insightful skills gap analytics which the Spire platform generates in the shortest possible time.

3% Increase in Employee Utilization

Powerful ‘skills factorial’ analytics give multiple insights for cost cutting, comparing skill gaps, identifying training needs, engaging potential employees, forging mentor-mentee relationships and charting personalized career paths - all of which enable maximum utilization of employees ’skills.

1% Positive Revenue Impact

Employee performance directly impacts business performance. With contextual talent insights, companies can motivate their employees better and collectively align them to business goals. This results in increasing revenue per employee.

Up to 8% increase in Profitability

#TalentDeployment is done in real-time and employees are deployed to projects 80% faster. Contextual deployment optimizes client deliveries as well as employee performance. All this results in increased revenue and up to 8% profitability for organizations.

50% reduction in #TalentDeployment Costs

Contextual platform cuts down bias and gut-feel giving way to real competencies, skills and experiences when planning organization-wide #talentdeployment. Reduce 50% of existing costs involved in #TalentDeployment and increase upside-potential ratio.

Up to 50% Cost Cutting in Hiring to Match Attrition

Contextual talent analytics maps competence data accurately. It gives insightful analytics to understand skill gaps and how to close them. Managers can forge positive mentor-mentee relationships with potential employees, customize trainings and even plan job rotations across locations in a smart manner – to minimize attrition.

Real-Time Skill Factorial

Skills Factorial gives a complete visual dashboard of skills competencies of entire organization's talent for smarter deployment and informed decision making. It builds inverted tag pyramids and ranks all possible combinations of employee capabilities in descending order; vis-a-vis all possible parameters such as project requirements and relocation strategy.

Organization Resource Management (ORM) Workbench

The contextual ORM Workbench identifies, selects and assigns resources across assignments based on Multiple parameters. It matches each employee against multiple requirements and vice-versa with bi-directional mapping, giving additional insights for maximum utilization of talent.

Simulation Modelling for Resource Substitution

Contextual simulation models automatically recommend high performers for starting new projects and options for substituting skilled resources within or across geographically distributed group companies.

Proactive Analytics for (Re)Deployment & Replacement

Get proactive analysis for seeding high-performing employees to new assignments by replacing them with high-potential employees in existing assignments.

Aggregated Talent Forecast

Contextual #talentdeployment platform enables forecasting of availability of skills in real-time for project planning. Business Managers can use these insights for customer acquisition. Companies can plan and take talent decisions ahead in advance.

Internal Mobility

Contextual skills analytics give insights on how best to mobilize talent internally and for intra-assignment job rotations. Companies can leverage internal talent wisely and support talent retention.

Intangible benefits

Capability planning and risk mitigation by predicting talent capacity

Skills and competency based organization mapping

Analytics-based fair opportunities to employees for available demands

Works with any or all existing ERP/HRMS systems; makes them powerful with Contextual Intelligence

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Only Spire TalentSHIP® #TalentDeployment Works Because

Unstructured Data Comprehension

Contextual Data Analysis

Intelligent #TalentDeployment

95% Accurate in Contextual Search

80% Accurate in Demand Supply Mapping

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