Intelligent #TalentDevelopment, Contextually

Real-Time Capability Planning and Transformation

Strategic talent capability planning and transformation to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Align Talent Development with Business Goals

Discover and analyze the potential of each and every employee and leverage the same for leadership and succession planning. Align talent development activities with business goals using insightful skills analytics. Optimize L&D costs, manage attrition and engage employees meaningfully with personalized career path dashboards.

Material Impact on Business Goals

Companies can deploy and utilize talent in dynamic circumstances such as job rotations, relocations, restructuring and downsizing that companies undergo from time-to-time using insightful skills gap analytics which the Spire platform generates in the shortest possible time.

Up to 80% Reduced Time to Skill

Get contextual skills gap analytics with respect to open and anticipated future demands. Discover skills which need to be acquired. Reduce time to skill for quicker business outcomes.

Upto 50% Reduction in L&D Costs

Get contextual skills gap insights for individualized learning plans aligned with business goals and for accurate training need identification (TNI). Reduce L&D cost per employee by 50%.

Up to 50% Increase in Cross-Training

Match employees contextually with cross-training requirements. Increase new options for cross-training and get impact of up to 50% for managerial employees.

40% Increase in Existing eLearning Usage

Proactively create learning content which is contextually relevant to employees. Add the social dimension to eLearning and build a learning culture by involving employees. Get a 40% steep increase in utilization of existing eLearning resources.

50% Faster Resource Fulfilment

Take quick real-time talent decisions in a ‘build or buy a project’ scenario and forecast the time required to meet skills gap accurately. Get talent analytics to drive new location planning and strategy. Close resource gaps 50% faster.

Organization (Re)alignment & Real-time What-ifs

Skills Factorial gives a complete visual dashboard of skills competencies of entire organization's talent for smarter deployment and informed decision making. It builds inverted tag pyramids and ranks all possible combinations of employee capabilities in descending order; vis-a-vis all possible parameters such as project requirements and relocation strategy.

Leadership Pipeline & Succession Planning

Organization Capability Planning (OCP) Workbench to contextually identify and map High Potential Employees (HiPos) for succession planning and accelerated Learning Development Programs (LDPs). Factors in all possible employee data than just few data points.

Intra-Company Career Path Analysis

Contextual career path analysis within Group Companies/Company for #TalentDevelopment and growth.

Gap Analysis & TNI for Learning Design

Learning Design Workbench for organizational L&D planning, ROI analysis, Training Needs Identification and Analysis, Learning Program Designs, Course Combos.

Career Planning & Personalized Upskilling

MyCareer Workbench enables personalized career planning for each employee vis-a-vis current and aspirational roles. Get skill gap insights for individualized learning plans, intra (group) company career path analysis, career planning and progression analysis.

Location/Supply Strategy & Early Learning Plans

Talent strategy builder based on #TalentDevelopment to plan and execute sound location and talent supply strategies. Organizations can also build early learning plans based on anticipated talent demand.

Intangible benefits

Mitigates business risks with highly accurate succession and career planning using multi-parameter (performance, skill, competence, leverage, utilization, cost) based fitment.

Empowers each employee to discover true potential with contextualized/personalized learning

Personal benchmarking opportunity with fit-gap analysis for employees vis-à-vis aspirational roles within the organization

High degree of employee stickiness with personalized career path visibility to each employee within or across (group) companies

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Only Spire TalentSHIP® #TalentDevelopment Works Because

Unstructured Data Comprehension

Contextual Data Analysis

Intelligent #TalentDevelopment

95% Accurate in Contextual Search

80% Accurate in Demand Supply Mapping

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