Intelligent #TalentSocial, Contextually

Build Your own Contextual #TalentSocial Ecosystem

Leverage your organization's social ecosystem for sourcing and engaging with relevant talent

Your Own #TalentSocial Network

With social media and the internet, the talent you need has moved much closer to you than ever before! Locate, validate, attract, engage and convert potential candidates into active job applicants with Spire's contextual #talentsocial platform. The system applies the proven rules of sales and marketing to enhance the talent sourcing process. Recruiters get two major benefits. One, to personally engage with both active and passive job seekers, and convert them into potential job applicants. Two, build an active talent pipeline of engaged candidates for later conversion.

Richness Index

Richness Index ranks candidates based on their actual merit by quantifying the richness of their skills strength in comparison to job positions. Get skills insights with unmatched accuracy of 80-95%.

Engagement Index

Imagine being able to measure and quantify the intent of a relevant candidate to apply for a job opening or to accept an offer? Spire's Engagement Index does just that! The index is driven by a social CRM engine and is 97% accurate.

100% Reduction in Sourcing Time

With the Spire #talentsocial ecosystem, companies can create a pool of qualified and engaged candidates much in advance due to which interviews could be scheduled instantly, reducing sourcing time and effort. Companies typically spend close to 30% of hiring time in talent sourcing alone.

Reduce Agency & Employer Branding Costs

With your own #talentsocial ecosystem, dependency on staffing agencies reduces bringing down the cost by up to 70%. Companies can also save significantly on employer branding costs.

Reduce Dependency on other Talent Sources

The proactive building of a #talentsocial ecosystem enables recruiting without dependency on any external talent sources such as job boards, career networks, etc. Companies spend close to 20% of their hiring budgets for sourcing talent alone.

Zero Dependency on Social Media

Your company becomes the center of its own social universe with a contextual #talentsocial ecosystem. Eliminate dependency on third party social sites to source talent and implement a sound social hiring strategy.

Make Internet Your Talent Source

The Spire #talentsocial engine curates data of relevant candidates for your business from the entire internet, including social media. Recruiters attract and engage with job seekers using gamification techniques.

Social CRM and Engagement

The Spire social CRM engine automatically activates engagement campaigns with potential candidates once their profiles have been curated and selected on the basis of merit. Recruiters get the opportunity to convert both active and passive job seekers into active applicants.

#TalentSocial Network

The Spire social platform enables conversations between prospective job seekers, employees and all other recruiting stakeholders. Foster trust, knowledge sharing and credibility in favor of the organization.

Contextual #TalentSocial Intelligence

Get Talent Intelligence in the form of analytics such as Richness Index, Engagement Index, Satisfaction Score, Relevancy Score and Fitment Score to make smart hiring decisions based on real-time evidence.

Intelligent Recommendations

The contextually intelligent social ecosystem alerts and recommends multiple actions such as - Hire As, Clone Candidates, Gaps to be Mentored Before Joining - all of which help develop a smarter talent force.

Qualified #TalentSocial Ecosystem

Contextual intelligence technology helps create #talentsocial ecosystem consisting of only qualified candidates using skills and engagement analytics. It gives 95% accuracy which is automated with the proven combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Intangible benefits

Increased candidate joining probability

Mentoring and councelling of candidates

Contextually rich talent pool

Enriched experience, loyalty and stickiness from all stakeholders

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Only Spire TalentSHIP® #TalentSocial Works Because

Unstructured Data Comprehension

Contextual Data Analysis

Intelligent #TalentSocial

95% Accurate in Contextual Search

80% Accurate in Demand Supply Mapping

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