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Spire TalentSHIP® is a suite of 5 talent transformation products based on contextual technology which generates 'context' with unmatched accuracy from any type, format or source of talent content. The products can be individually utilized across any or all parts of the human capital chain for positive business outcomes with insightful Talent Intelligence.

Contextual Search & Match

Contextual Bi-Directional Mapping

Richness Index

Quantify Intent with Engagement Index

Get Integrated View of Talent Data from Internal/External Sources

Unified System for Operational Excellence

95% Accuracy in Contextual Search

80% Accuracy in Bi-directional Mapping

9X Operational Efficiency

Contextually Qualified Talent Bank

Cloning Best Performers

Talent Forecasting

Location Strategy & Planning

Responsive Design

Internet as Talent Source

Social Sourcing & Engagement

Comprehends HR Data like Domain Expert

Buy vs Build Talent Decisions

Unstructured HR Data Comprehension

Contextual HR Data Analysis

Machine Learning

Contextual Talent Science

Feedback Loop for Contextual Control

Contextual Intelligence

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  Incorporate contextual intelligence in your existing HR Technology
  9X Operational efficiency
  Cloud-hosted agile technology
  Decision support analytics

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  Talent Social
  Talent Acquisition
  Talent Deployment & Development
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