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"Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Talent Management"

SHRM India brought together three thought leaders as part of a panel discussion on "Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Talent Management" during its Annual Conference and Exposition, 2016. Spire Technologies curated the discussion on how Artificial Intelligence is transforming HR processes.

"Contextual Analytics is at the Heart of HR"

Accenture Global Managing Director - Talent Acquisition

Accenture acknowledges Spire's contextual talent analytics as the key for reducing their time-to-hire by 60% and increasing accuracy of candidate selection by 80%.

325,000 resumes - instant screening - 60,000 resumes shortlisted - 20,000 hired, Significant reduction in recruiter effort and costs.

The Talent Acquisition teams used the freed up time to create hyper personalized and enhanced experience for candidates.

Ranked 6th in Deloitte Technology Fastest 50 - 2016 & 25th fastest growing Software company in APAC, by Deloitte

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